Research Paper Ideas


Research Paper Ideas

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Research Paper Ideas: Sample

The time will come in our opinion (if indeed it is not already here) when we will bemoan the way in which our petroleum resources have been wasted. While much progress has been achieved in learning how to convert a larger percentage of crude petroleum into such useful things as gasoline and lubricating oils, unquestionably in the past there has been great waste of those fractions for which there was not then a market, and even today we continue to burn as fuel for internal-combustion motors highly complex mixtures of hydrocarbons. Today with all that is known about lubrication there are many fundamentals which are not sufficiently understood to enable the best results to be obtained, and only in the past few years has new knowledge enabled us to make really substantial progress in the development of better lubricants. Distillation, cracking and the hydrogenation of petroleum have enabled considerable tailoring to be done on petroleum molecules, so they can well nigh be taken apart and put together again in accordance with specifications. Further progress in this may confidently be expected and with the work of separating the individual hydrocarbons found in petroleum it is not improbable that one of these days we may come to synthesize those which can be used with greatest efficiency in the internal-combustion engine. We now strive to get the largest possible proportion of serviceable energy by utilizing gasoline under the best conditions for the mixture. It is obvious if we could work with a single hydrocarbon or at the worst a comparatively simple mixture of hydrocarbons, there would be a far greater opportunity of maintaining conditions for combustion that would yield a much larger percentage of useful energy as the fuel is consumed. Notable progress has been made in developing inhibitors to gum formation and this line of work is quite likely to continue with some acceleration.

Within a year or two polymerization of refinery gases to produce a gasoline of high antiknock rating has become commercial. This is a commendable step in conservation and fortunately the gasoline so made by combining the smaller gas molecules into large gasoline-like molecules yields a fuel of such high antiknock qualities as to indicate its use in some of the lower-grade fuels for the benefit of both producer and consumer. We may expect to hear much more about polymer and polymerized gasoline in the future. It is gradually becoming recognized that the huge waste of natural gas in the oil fields must stop if for no other reason than because in addition to fuel value it is the source of many chemicals.

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