Racial Profiling Essays


Racial Profiling Essays

Racial profiling is an interesting topic to write an essay about.  If you are writing racial profiling essays, the first step is the choice of the subtopic.  In particular, you should decide whether you want to write about the history of racial profiling before September 11 attack.  Alternatively, you may focus your racial profiling essay on the discrimination of racial profiling. Below is a short sample racial profiling essay. Undoubtedly, a free sample may not compare in quality with custom written paper.  If you need original racial profiling essay written by educated writer especially for you in accordance with instructions, you should order custom essay writing service at our site.

Racial Profiling Essays: Sample

Michael Harrington in his report on poverty in America, The Other America, estimated that some forty million Americans are permanently underprivileged, hungry and without prospects. If middle-class Negroes continue to be increasingly successful in the pursuit of their goals, estrangement by class, already marked, can be expected to grow within the Negro minority. If this is the case, we must expect a gradual shift from social definitions by race to social definitions which emphasize class membership. The extremes of wealth and poverty are being reduced in neither the white nor the Negro communities. Years to come may reveal some interesting changes in group alignments.

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It can be safely said that the middle-class leadership of neither the white nor the Negro community espouses social violence as a mode of resolving interracial conflicts. Leaders and middle-class people of both groups, generally, are too self-consciously concerned over America's world image to let this be the case. In addition, Negro middle-class leaders share the common values of the middle-class, including patterns of socialization which emphasize the control of aggression. There will be occasional outbursts of racial violence in which both groups are involved, but the great discipline of the Negro middle classes in events of the last decade suggests that violence will be a consequence of police activity or inactivity rather than a consequence of policy decisions by the "respectable middle classes."

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Events of last summer were dramatic. With all the excitement, however, the "racial bloodbath" which had been predicted, whether with relish or dismay, never materialized. There were isolated cases of murder, and these can be expected to continue in the years immediately ahead. There has been continual harassment of electoral registration workers -- it would have been a surprise if this had not occurred. There have been racially defined incidents in cities in the North and South, and these can be expected to continue for some years. But the important fact is that the disturbances which occurred last summer were not confrontations of whites and Negroes with large-scale violence in mind, as has been the case in the major riots of the twentieth century in Chicago, Detroit, East St. Louis and so on. The disturbances which occurred were, rather, frustrated uprisings of a minority within a minority. This again, according to the opinion of custom papers writing service, we must expect to continue unless major changes occur in the larger economic and social structure of American society.

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