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Racial discrimination is molesting the equality principle as cited in the first article of the Universal Declaration of Human rights: “all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.” Racial discrimination can be defined as an abusing behavior toward the representative of another race.  I remember one situation that affected my opinion about the whole issue of discrimination. A year ago, I accidentally crashed an Indian pedestrian in Qatar. I called the police and the ambulance. Twenty minutes later, the policemen came laughing and watching the Indian man crying from pain. The nurse said that there was no any need for ambulance because the Indian man was not hurt enough to be provided medical help. The policeman asked me to give a small amount of money to the Indian man.  At the moment, I realized that racial discrimination is part of our daily life and many people promote discrimination openly.

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There are three main effects of racial discrimination of Asians in the Gulf countries. Firstly, physical effects are the most common and observed. Secondly, social effects lead to inequality in society. Finally, the psychological effect makes people disturbed and scared of living in this world.

In modern society, physical effects occur in intensive and various ways.  Physical effects can be found in many countries of the Gulf region. In the Middle East, Asians are maltreated by the local peoples only because of the different skin of color. For instance, in Qatar, a taxi driver has been beaten severely by a local resident in front of the passenger because he forgot to put signals while turning left. Such locals are the source of aggression and high level of dangerous accidents in the country.  Moreover, the professional English essay writers consider it important to add that the hurt Asians are likely to join street gangs and contribute to the increased disturbances in the neighborhoods. For example, the Gulf news newspaper mentioned in a recent article an incident which occurred in the United Arab Emirates, Sharjah: “The 'Death Room' gang, which consisted of three people of unknown nationalities and two Pakistanis [...] the gang loitered around expensive schools and targeted children from affluent families.”  In other words, the gang was prone to aggressiveness. 

Another effect of racism is suicide. The mistreatment of people can lead them to the decision to commit suicide because they feel powerless to deal with aggressiveness and direct attacks on people. For instance, many of the Indians workers in the Gulf countries commit suicide because of the mistreatment and low salary which are dictated by their race.  According to the newspaper Asian Tribunes, “cases of expatriate Indian workers committing suicides in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries are alarming on the increase”.

Secondly, the social effect of racial discrimination is the creation of an unequal and unstable environment. In Gulf countries, people at work are threaded according to their race, color, and ethnicity. Furthermore, such a division affects their employment, salary, hiring, and firing. Evidence shows that Arab taxi drivers are paid more than Asians. Moreover, in the opinion of writers' team from custom essay website many people are excluded from certain social groups due to their color or race. In Qatar, Asians are not allowed to enter the city mall on weekend day. This example reveals the formalized discrimination when people representing Asian countries are formally discriminated in their rights.  Furthermore, Asians people in the Gulf countries are not granted any protection of their rights. They work more than eight hours per day and their domiciles are in a very bad condition and do not include any entertainment facilities. Ironically, crashing a pedestrian Indian is much cheaper than crashing a camel.

Finally, psychological effects of racism maintain the disturbance among people.  The anger of Asians people in the Gulf countries toward the locals is accumulating. Their dissatisfaction with the current state of things is manifested in their offensive way of talking. For example, in the downtown of Doha where most Asians live local strangers can be beaten for no reason. Nevertheless, it should be admitted that anger is a normal reaction to discrimination. Jesse Ventura once said, “Treat others as you'd want them to treat you.” This rule is unknown for most people in Gulf countries. Furthermore, the mistreatment of Asians makes them fear others. When Indians are beaten, they have the right to defend themselves but they do not. On the contrary, they beg for mercy and cry. However, eventually the anger and constant fear will result in a new psychologically effect - hate. Most Asians workers hate local people. For instance, Asians riding in buses can insult others for no evident reasons.

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In conclusion, racial discrimination of Asians in Gulf countries has three main effects. Asians are touched physically and are maltreated.  They are likely to join street gangs while many of them commit suicides. Furthermore, Asians are affected socially because they have lower income then locals and are not allowed to enter some places due to their skin color. Finally, racial discrimination has a psychological effect because maltreated Asians develop anger, fear and hate toward others.

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