Psychology Research Paper


Psychology Research Paper

Psychology research paper should be interesting, informative, as well as present a deep research.  In most cases, you cannot write a good psychology research paper without conducting a thorough research.  You should look through articles, books, scientific publications and reliable websites.  The below sample of psychology research paper is provided by well-experienced research paper writers with the purpose to give you a primary idea on how to format and structure your psychology research paper.

Psychology Research Paper Sample

….What is true for practical purposes or for naive common sense is significant for psychology. The facts that a man actually registers when his senses are stimulated are full as real and important, psychologically, as the elementary physical stimuli that his senses receive. If a man notices objects and adjusts himself to them, the question is how he does this, when all he directly receives from the environment consists not of objects but of lights and sounds of various intensities and wavelengths, pressures on the skin or muscles, the heat of different intensities, and certain chemical stimuli. Here we have a major problem of psychology.

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The older answer was to say simply that the child learned to use the data supplied by the senses as indicators of the objective facts. But though learning undoubtedly has a great deal to do with it, we begin to see clearly that the organism is built for adjustment to the objects of the environment. In other words, it is built for practical life. It is easier to notice the total "taste" of an orange than to notice the sweet, the sour and the odor which is the sense data in eating the orange. It is easier, no doubt, for the baby to notice some object moving than to notice the play of light and color that his eyes directly give him. Certainly, in the opinion of custom essays writing experts, it is easier for an older person to see how far away an object is from him than to tell how he knows its distance or point out the data on which his knowledge of the distance is based. It took the painters of the world many centuries to find out how to show the distances of objects on canvas -- how to use perspective, shadows, coloring and other indicators so as to make distance and the molding of objects appear convincingly to the eye. But the child learns easily to use these same indicators in his seeing of the objects around him.

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The movement of an object is a fact of practical importance and a fact which we see very readily. We see not only that there is some movement but what kind of movement it is. How is movement seen? The old answer was that the eye gave us the object in a series of positions which we then strung together into a movement. But if you take snapshots of a horse trotting or of a man doing the high jump or gesturing, many of the views have a very queer look….

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