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Profile Essays

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Profile essays can be written about a person, event, country or anything of your choice.  Profile essays are descriptive in essence as you have to create a profile or something.  For example, profile essay on a person should contain basic information such as birth, early years, education, professional life, etc.  Below is the short sample profile essay about the Communism.  If you are looking for individual help with writing, you should request professional essay writing assistance.  We deliver only custom essay written by writers who hold degrees in your specific field of study.  We are honest and never late with essay delivery. You may get your custom essay even in 12 hours! No hidden costs!  No plagiarism! In addition, our writing blog with writing tips and guidelines is absolutely free!

Profile Essays Sample

As the war intensified in the spring and summer of 1940, however, the gap between the popular temper and the Communist 'line' continued to widen. The Daily Worker interpretation of the events leading to the invasion of Scandinavia gave the reader the impression that the Western powers were primarily to blame: 'The Chamberlain Government and the Reynaud Government', declared a state of the Politburo, 'have deliberately provoked this extension of the war in Northern Europe by their violation of Norwegian neutrality.' As Victor Gollancz pointed out, this sort of attitude suggested a calculated policy of 'revolutionary defeatism' such as Lenin had formulated in the First World War. In the succeeding months, which brought the collapse of France, the threat of invasion across the Channel, and the heavy air raids on London and other cities, the Daily Worker seemed to be implementing this policy by encouraging unrest in the forces and among the civilian population, and by advocating stoppages and strikes in industry. In the opinion of custom essays writers from this service, the fall of the Chamberlain Government and the entry of the Labour Party into a coalition led by Churchill made no apparent difference. The Communist-controlled International Brigade Association instructed its members, who were, of course, experienced soldiers, not to take part in the shaping of the Home Guard. As its journal, Volunteer for Liberty, put it: To discuss at this moment the organization of the army we want is not merely wasting time, it is helping the ruling class... To their credit, not all the veterans of the Spanish War, not even all the Communists among them, could stomach this attitude.”

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The climax of the Communist campaign against the war effort came with the summoning of the so-called 'People's Convention' at the end of 1940. The Convention, supposedly a broad left-wing movement organised in the first instance by non-Communists, was, in fact, a 'satellite' body of the usual type: its leaders included the inveterate 'fellow-traveller', D. N. Pritt, and its national organiser was Ben Bradley, a party member who had had much experience in running such organisations. At a time when the country was straining every nerve to resist an imminent invasion, the provisional committee of the Convention produced a six-point programme, no doubt designed to resemble the six points of the nineteenth-century Chartists. Each of these points in itself was highly laudable as a long-term aim, but their immediate impact, if they had been put into effect, would have been disastrous for the war economy.

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