Problem Solution Essays


Problem Solution Essays

Today, our competent custom essay helpers are going to share the experience of problem and solution essay writing. 

Problem solution essays are interesting as well as challenging to write. Usually, teachers provide students with specific case studies and your task is to analyze the given case study with the special emphasis being paid to the analysis of problems and possible solutions.  For example, writing a college essay about Wal-Mart, you should pay attention to the existing problems (either the ones outlined in the case study or the real problems).  Next, you should offer several solutions and justify each of them.  Below is the short sample of problem solution essays.  If you need a custom essay written from scratch, you should order custom essay writing service at our site.  We will write your problem solution essay from scratch.

Problem Solution Essays Sample

In conformity with the theoretical conceptions of an accusatory rather than an inquisitional system of justice, our law provides in most jurisdictions that the police shall produce the arrested party for a preliminary hearing without unreasonable delay. Since an arrest occurs at the time that a person is taken into custody under a charge, this is taken generally to mean that the arrestee shall be brought before a magistrate within a twenty-four hour period. Some cases have held that shorter periods are too long. The rule concerning unreasonable delay is often evaded by not recording an arrest officially until the authorities are satisfied that they can "make a charge stick." Moreover, even if it is shown that detention has been unreasonably prolonged, this alone does not constitute adequate grounds on which to discharge or acquit the suspect. While the accused may be entitled to an action against those who have detained him, this is no real protection either against the illegally prolonged custody or against abuses that may occur during that period. Hence, violation of the offender's right is actually invited where such violation may result in a confession, admissions, or the securing of additional evidence.

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The purpose of a preliminary investigation is to discover whether the state has sufficient evidence to make out the prima-facie case to justify holding the accused for trial. A prima-facie is one in which there is enough evidence to convict unless that evidence is contravened by the testimony of the defendant and his witnesses. Though there is a difference in technical detail, reasonable grounds to support a legal arrest would ordinarily be sufficient to constitute a prima-facie case. It is significant to observe, therefore, that offenders who are charged by the police and who are brought before a magistrate are very frequently released after a hearing. Crime surveys conducted by proficient custom essay writing service, have shown that discharges of felony cases at preliminary hearings have amounted to as much as 58 percent in New York City, 55 percent in Cincinnati, and 49 percent in Chicago, while the total of felony discharges was only 17 percent in Milwaukee and St. Louis. This suggests either that the police have made unjustified arrests or that the magistrates have released suspects too freely in spite of evidence that is sufficient to justify the magistrates' retaining them for trial. Undoubtedly both of these errors occur, the former under the loose arrest practices that prevail in many communities, the latter where police magistrates are laymen, sometimes merely incompetent, sometimes venal.

Problem Solution Essays Writing Service

It is impossible to write a good problem solution essay if you do not know how to analyze information and draw a conclusion.  English essay writing should be original and interesting at the same time. All solutions you offer must be justified and flow logically from the problems.  If you need help with writing your problem solution essay, do not hesitate to request professional writing service on this site. We do not decline difficult assignments and we are never late with delivery of completed essay.

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