Napoleon Bonaparte High School Essays


Napoleon Bonaparte High School Essays

Napoleon commanded an army of approximately 500,000 men, not counting the 50,000 promised by Austria and Prussia. Of this large force, 200,000 were to be provided by the vassals-Italy, Illyria, the Kingdom of Westphalia, Bavaria, W?rtemberg, Baden, Saxony, the Duchy of Warsaw, and all the remaining states of the Confederation of the Rhine. Altogether there were 90,000 Poles in Napoleon's army. Belgium, Holland and the Hanseatic cities were not conscripted independently, for they were considered an integral part of the French Empire. It was not without some justification that Napoleon at the time remarked: "Another three years--and I shall be master of the entire world!"

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Napoleon Bonaparte High School Essays: SAMPLE

On May 9, 1812, at six o'clock in the morning, attended by the Empress Marie Louise, Napoleon left Saint-Cloud to join the Grand Army, which was already advancing through the German territories toward Poland, concentrating on the Vistula and the Niemen. On May 16, the Emperor entered Dresden, accompanied by the King of Saxony, who had come out to meet him the evening before.

In Dresden the many kings and grand dukes of the vassal states had gathered to greet the supreme ruler. Among them were King Frederick William III of Prussia, Emperor Francis of Austria and the Empress of Austria. For 15 days Napoleon remained in Dresden, surrounded by his servile vassals In his presence, all of them, including his father-in-law, the Austrian Emperor, stood with bared head. Napoleon alone wore his celebrated three-cornered hat. On the whole, his attitude to them was benevolent. For example, he would playfully seize one of them by the ear and jestingly taunt him. If he thought especially highly of one of them, he would sometimes slap him on the back. Some of them he sharply reprimanded in public, though this occurred rarely in Dresden. They flattered him on every possible occasion, and in the most unrestrained terms. When someone even went so far as to hint of the divine origin of the world conqueror, Napoleon, accustomed as he was to all manner of flattery, was suddenly overcome with disgust and asked aloud: "What! Do they think me a big fool, after all?"

Napoleon considered all those who composed his retinue in Dresden as slaves and grovellers, mortally afraid of him. While he placed no faith in their sincerity, their behaviour demonstrated to him that they were confident that he would emerge triumphant in the new war with Russia.

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