Kohlberg Theory Reaction Paper


Kohlberg Theory Reaction Paper: Discussion of the Theory

When studying you have to write a lot of different reaction papers. It should be mentioned that a reaction paper may be written in various disciplines, not only in literature. It is because students may discuss not only a literary work or a movie. Actually, any kind of reading or movie may be a reaction paper subject. The only condition is that this subject should cause a certain response of a student.

So, if you study psychology, you may get an assignment to write the Kohlberg Theory reaction paper, for example. Let’s find out what such a kind of reaction papers should be like and how you should write it!

Kohlberg Theory reaction paper: what is it about?

If you have to write the Kohlberg Theory reaction paper, you should express your thoughts about the theory of famous American psychologist Lawrence Kohlberg. This is the theory of stages of moral development. This theory explains the development of moral reasoning.

Kohlberg Theory reaction paper: how to write it?

There is no doubt that before writing your Kohlberg Theory reaction paper you should study this theory properly. It will be only for your benefit if you get acquainted with other works of the American psychologist. In such a way you may understand the scientist’s opinion concerning different psychological issues. Thus, it will be easier for you to understand his position regarding the stages of moral development.

After studying the theory you should form your own attitude to it. Answering the following questions will help you:

  • Do you find this theory right or wrong?
  • Do you know some practical support of this theory?
  • Do you have something to add?

Do not forget to put down all your thoughts and ideas. This will help you formulate a thesis statement for your Kohlberg Theory reaction paper. It should be a separate aspect that you want to discuss most of all, something that is interesting for you. Remember: the more clear and understandable your thesis statement will sound, the easier it will be for you to write your paper. Besides, your suggestions will sound more convincing in this case.

When getting down to writing of your Kohlberg Theory reaction paper, you should keep in mind that it should consist of: the title page, the introduction, the main body and the conclusion.

Your reaction paper should have the logical structure. It should be built around the one center – all the paragraphs should support the thesis statement.

Kohlberg Theory reaction paper: help

If you have any problems with your Kohlberg Theory reaction paper, you are welcome to contact us! We will be glad to help you in doing this task!