King Oedipus Paper Reaction


King Oedipus Paper Reaction: Discussing the Tragedy

If you have got an assignment to write a reaction paper on the King Oedipus tragedy and do not know what to do, this article is written for you.

King Oedipus paper reaction: how to form your attitude

It goes without saying that you should read the tragedy, first of all. If you read this play for the first time, be sure that it will not leave you untouched. The tragedy of Sophocles is one of the most prominent works in the ancient literature.

So, what should you do to form your King Oedipus paper reaction?

  • Analyze the concepts revealed by Sophocles in the play. The main of them are: the predestination, the inability of the human to change his fate, the cruel irony of the gods, the aspiration of the human to study himself;
  • Characterize the main characters of the tragedy: Oedipus, king Laius, Jocasta, priest, shepherd, Creon;
  • Ask yourself some questions. For example: Do you like or dislike the tragedy? Do you blame or justify Oedipus? What do you think about the momentous deed of Oedipus? Do you agree to the actions of Oedipus’ parents – king Laius and Jocasta? What is your own opinion concerning each concept revealed in the tragedy?

These actions will help you form your King Oedipus paper reaction.

King Oedipus paper reaction: how to write a paper

The matter is that you should know how to put your King Oedipus paper reaction in the written form. When analyzing the tragedy and answering the questions, you should formulate a thesis statement that will be the core of your reaction paper. Find the issue that intrigued and touched you most of all. Remember that you should prove your thesis statement throughout the paper. You should not retell the play but express your own feelings and thoughts.

Keep in mind that your reaction paper should include the following elements: the title page, the introduction, the main body and the conclusion.

Do not forget the following:

  • Your reaction paper should not be large (3-5 pages);
  • Give the general information about the play in the introduction (name the author, give the general contents of the tragedy);
  • Use the 1st person forms like “I think”, “to my opinion”, “I cannot agree” and so on as you are supposed to express your own opinion.

So, good luck!

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