Jane Eyre Coursework


Jane Eyre Coursework

Today, our well-qualified custom writers' team is eager to discuss Jane Eyre coursework writing. Jane Eyre is the famous novel written by Charlotte Bronte, the influential English writer. The novel was published in 1847 in London and it was presented as the autobiography of the author. If you have to write a Jane Eyre coursework, you need to read the novel. Of course, there is a lot of information on the novel available online and in the libraries; however, your teacher is probably aware of the existing literature and expects you to produce an original writing on the novel. Therefore, take a book and start reading.

This article is written by our custom papers writing agency to help you with writing your Jane Eyre coursework. It presents some information on the novel itself, offers interesting topic ideas, and provides a short excerpt of custom written Jane Eyre coursework.

Jane Eyre Coursework: Background Data

  1. Jane Eyre is written in the first person and it is a narration about the life of the title character.
  2. The novel is developed through five stages of life: childhood and emotional abuse; teenager years and education at schools, governing over the manor and falling in love with the employer, living with Rivers family, and marriage with Rochester.
  3. There are 38 chapters in the novel which is at least 350 pages long. The specialists from article help site know for sure that the introduction alone takes more than 100 pages.

Jane Eyre Coursework: Topic Ideas

    • The character of Jane Eyre. Explore the link between her words and actions. Does her story appear to be real? Do people treat her cruelly? Is she a role model of morality in the novel?
    • Is the novel a feministic writing? Does Bronte reveal the inner strength of women despite all oppression? For this topic, you should conduct a research on gender differences in the Victorian society and compare your findings with the evidence presented in the novel.
    • Social position and its role in the life of Jane Eyre. Explore the theme of social class in your Jane Eyre coursework and take a look at characters other than Jane. Maybe you will add this topic to your term paper on the social issue: Your teacher will be satisfied. 
    • Compare different characters, their actions, thoughts, and challenges. It is suggested to compare female characters to male characters or make comparisons between female characters for example.

Jane Eyre Coursework Excerpt

In Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte's romantic individualism and "rebellion of feeling are controlled and structured by an underlying social and economic critique of bourgeois patriarchal authority (Pell 399)." Jane first experiences the negative aspects of social class at a very young age at Gateshead Hall. During her stay here she describes her habitual mood as "humiliation, self-doubt, forlorn depression" due to the constant criticism that she receives. One example of this criticism is that of which she receives from her cousin John Reed. Reed ridicules her for being an orphan and declares her a dependent, and because of this, drills into her mind that she is worthless and he is superior to her.

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Jane's conflict with the class order is broadened when she encounters the cruel Mr. Brocklehurst, a man who is "deceitful and corrupt." He too drills into her mind that she is not good enough to truly flourish within society, and both Brocklehurst and Reed's insults drill into her brain that she will never amount to what her true potential really is, just because of her social class, and essentially her social class begins to overpower her.

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