How to Write a Critical Essay


How to Write a Critical Essay

While writing a critical essay, you improve your critical thinking and writing skills. Critical essay writing gives you an opportunity to conduct a research on a topic, person, or event in details.  Moreover, it gives you a chance to express your own ideas on the topic.  Nevertheless, keep in mind that critical essay should contain only critical comments, no personal opinion or generalizations. In addition, you are allowed and even expected to show your understanding of the critical essay topic. Critical essay writing is a process of critical analysis. Critical essay writing is more than a simple summary of the book's contents. While writing a critical essay, try to find a problem in text or an interesting controversial theme, do not summarize but analyze the text. A good critical essay writing should demonstrate how well you can express your ideas, how well you can identify a problem, how well you can analyze, organize, and synthesize material.

Critical Essay Outline

Critical essay writing should be arranged around the traditional outline:  introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction should present general information on what you are going to write in the body.  You should tell the reader about the purpose of critical essay writing, give the name of the author and the title of the work you analyze: Introduction paragraph should contain a thesis statement: one sentence expressing the main idea of the critical essay.

Body paragraphs of the critical essay should give the reader detailed information on the topic you are investigating.  Start writing body paragraphs with a brief summary of the contents. This is your opportunity to tell the reader what you think about the topic and provide critical analysis. Body paragraphs should contain supporting examples and explanation of your main ideas. The personal study helper for students knows for sure that critical essay conclusion should summarize the main points of your critical essay and restate the thesis statement.

Critical Essay Writing Service

When you have written the last sentence, your critical essay is not finished yet.  You need to proofread it and correct all of the mistakes. It means that your task is not only to check spelling and grammar but also to ensure adherence to format requirements and formal writing style. While writing a critical essay, use active tense rather than passive whenever possible. Make sure that your ideas with new paragraphs and flow logically throughout the paper. If you feel like you cannot fulfill all of these requirements, you may ask our critical essay writers for help and they will write an impressive critical essay for you. provides completed papers on time and deliver free plagiarism report.  Your academic interests are always in the first place. 

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