High School Essay


High School Essay

The experts in writing your assignments know for sure that as a high school student, you definitely have many essays to write. Teachers assign numerous essays because they believe that it is the best way to teach students to express their ideas.  Nevertheless, teachers appear ignorant of the fact that students have many courses and subjects.  Moreover, students are active in sports, work and want to spend time with the friends. It is almost impossible to keep up with all writing assignments.  To help you a little bit with your academic assignments, we have written this blog with detailed tips on essay writing: particular, this page includes a sample of high school essay.  If you need individual help, our team of writers is always online to assist you with writing your high school essay.  Paper written with our help will be original and meet all requirement set by your teacher.

High School Essay Sample of Depression

In the few attempts to test this hypothesis that the high rates of depression are related to the disadvantages of the woman's social status, particular attention has been given to differential rates of mental illness among married and unmarried women. If this hypothesis is correct, marriage should be of greater disadvantage to the woman than to the man, since married women are likely to embody the traditional stereotyped role and should, therefore, have higher rates of depression. Gove, in particular, has focused his research on examining whether rates of mental illness among married women compare to those of other women and married men. Gove and associates found that the higher overall rates of many mental illnesses for females are largely accounted for by higher rates for married women. The experienced college essay writer is eager to emphasize that in each marital status category, single, divorced, and widowed women have lower rates of mental illness than men. He concludes that being married has a protective effect for males but a detrimental effect on females. Similar conclusions were reached by Radloff from data from a community survey of depressive symptoms conducted in Kansas City, Missouri, and Washington County, Maryland; by Porter in a study of depressive illness in a Surrey, England, general practice; by a National Health Survey of psychological distress; and by Manheimer and associates in a California survey of factors related to psychotropic drug use.

Gove and others attribute the disadvantages of the married female to several factors: role restriction (most men occupy two roles, as household head and worker, and therefore have two sources of gratification whereas women have only one); housekeeping being frustrating and of low prestige; the unstructured role of housewife, allowing time for brooding; and even if the married woman works, her position is usually less favorable than a working man's.

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Additional, but indirect, support for the hypothesized disadvantage of the female role comes from experimental research on boredom in humans. Ramsey presented evidence for the negative effect of boredom, which characterized the lives of many married women. In one experiment human subjects were exposed to a uniformly uninteresting environment; reaction time, sensory acuity, the power of abstract reasoning, verbal ability, space visualization, and internal motivation to move, to daydream, or to think all decreased. Boredom and role restriction may not be the major or only risk factors in marriage; other intervening factors such as family size and financial resources must also be taken into account. An elegant study of the interaction of some of these factors was recently reported by Brown, Bhrolchain, and Harris.

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