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Free Research Papers Online: Abortions

Deaths from illegal abortion, either self-induced or those performed by incompetent laymen, result from hemorrhage, infection or blood clot. The idea behind these selftorturous abortions has been that somehow the fetus will die before the woman, and that she can stop in time to save herself. She hasn't always. In New York City, for example, Health Department figures estimate 6,000 women resorted to illegal abortions every year before the abortion law was repealed. From this group come the women who either killed themselves or died of complications resulting from a badly performed abortion. Women dying of illegal abortions have constituted the major cause of maternal deaths in New York.

When a woman has not attempted a self-induced abortion, and has been successful in finding a doctor to do it for her illegally, she usually received a "D and C" (dilation and curettage) with anesthesia in a clinic or a "D and C" without anesthesia in a doctor's office. If the abortionist was a layman, she might have a badly performed "D and C," and end up in the hospital where the job was completed, or the abortionist might have put a foreign object such as a rubber tube into her cervix to provoke the contractions and the successful expulsion of the fetus. Sometimes part of the placenta remained in the uterus causing persistent bleeding which the layman was not able to stop. If she was lucky, a hospital saved her by curetting the remains of the tissue in the womb and arresting the bleeding.

Illegal operations are still, as of 1971, performed secretly by either distinguished physicians who care, by average doctors who want to help women and therefore take the risk of discovery, by doctors who do it as a profitable sideline to their usual practice, by nurses, or by laymen who are out for money and who may be anything from garage mechanics and beauty operators to medical students. These latter have, in some cases, been known to be psychotic or alcoholic. Conditions accompanying illegal abortions are often hurried, not particularly antiseptic, they are sometimes done in hotel and motel rooms, and there is a high risk of infection. Unclean rubber gloves and even rusty instruments have been used.

Legal hospital abortions can be obtained in all states by women suffering from severe heart disease, certain kidney diseases, active tuberculosis, cancer, or for serious psychiatric reasons, in other words, to save the woman's life and for lesser reasons in an increasing number of states.

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