Family Essay


Family Essay

A family essay is relatively easy to write.  However, you should approach any essays writing assignment seriously:  Think about the specific issues you want to cover, develop an outline, write down examples, and conduct a research if necessary.  Sample family essay:

Family Essay Sample

….Perhaps the most plausible explanations of incest prohibition that have been offered are those formulated in terms of prehistoric permissiveness of incest. There are two general approaches-the traditional functionalist positions emphasizing the unity of the nuclear family and the exogamy position emphasizing relationships between families.

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As a functionalist, Malinowski regarded the sexual impulse as disruptive to stable social relations. Sex relations among all members of the nuclear family would not only foster jealousy and competition within the family but would also inhibit cooperative activities necessary for the security of the group. Parsons has indicated that specialization of roles in the nuclear family would be impeded if incest were permitted. Following Durkheim's suggestion that a division of labor creates solidarity among the individuals in a cooperative endeavor, Parsons reasoned that role differentiation in the family eases competitive pressures among family members and produces a sense of solidarity. The erotic relationship of the husband and wife symbolizes both their solidarity as a couple and their specialized roles in the family. The marital relationship thus embodies the generational and sexual role differentiation in the family. If parent-child marriage were permitted, marriage would no longer serve to solidify family relationships and to distinguish roles associated with generation and sex. Our service can help you in the similar essay writing! Incest would thereby diminish role differentiation and, consequently, family solidarity. One may speculate that in Parsons' view the prohibition of incest would have become more rigorous as the family emerged as an institution. Inasmuch as Parsons sees the nuclear family in contemporary society as increasing rather than decreasing in role specialization, he would probably forecast an increase in the "horror" of incest in the modern world. In brief, social scientists in the functionalist tradition (such as Malinowski and Parsons) see the incest taboo as generated to maintain the unity of the nuclear family.

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Many social scientists have regarded the incest taboo as developing parallel to the practice of exogamy. White regards mutual security and aid in primitive groups as requiring cooperation not only of the family members but also of other groups in the territory. Intermarriage between families provides a basis for alliances which maintain cooperation. Levi-Strauss has suggested that the incest prohibition is founded on a principle of reciprocity. He viewed marriage as an exchange in which one lineage becomes a debtor and the other lineage a creditor in a perpetual mutual obligation to supply women in marriage. Assumptions made by Levi-Strauss were that women in prehistoric society were regarded as property and that there was a scarcity of women for marriage…

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