Examples of Research Papers


Examples of Research Papers

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Research Papers Example

Perspectives in labeling are also influenced by ideological postures and, given ideological positions, by tactical considerations. Some few observers have been ideologically neutral and have simply chronicled events. Most, however, fall somewhere on a "right-left" continuum -- or rather on continuua, since there are different meanings to "right-left" within the white and Negro communities. Right-left categorizations are made more difficult by the presence of different strategic orientations within the several groups and by preferences for legalistic as contrasted to amelioristic strategies and, in the left groups, by disagreements over the primacy of political and social as contrasted to welfare goals.

Tactical perspectives are, of course, related to ideology. A wish to deny the race and/or class aspects of the events or to minimize the magnitude of the importance of such characteristics may lead to relatively neutral labeling of them as disturbances or disorders. Someone sharing the same general ideological perspective, however, but wishing to maximize the legal aspects -- whether or not concerned with race and class aspects -- may label the same events as lawlessness or insurrection. More generally, labelling may represent threatening as contrasted to conciliatory tactics. Thus "tough" military men and "hard" policemen may join not only with political rightists but also with black militants in labeling disturbances as "revolt," "rebellion," or "warfare." Similarly, elected officials oriented to the status quo, as well as sections of the mass media, may join with more moderate Negro leaders (the old-line, "Negro" leaders as contrasted to "black" leaders) and with white liberals in assigning more neutral and conciliatory labels such as "disturbance" or "disorder." In these instances those who use the same labels may have very different purposes in mind: "enforcement" types want rigorous suppression of the "revolt," "black power" advocates are seeking recruits for the overthrow of the current social structure; white liberals and moderate Negroes want ameliorative social changes; some officials who talk about disorders want, immediately, to "cool" the situation, although they may also be sincerely interested in improvements in the conditions of minority group members.

The several variables suggested above are all of importance in influencing perspectives in labeling. Whatever their interaction, however, and whatever the weights of their mutual influence, there is another variable which in many instances may out-weigh even ideological posture and immediacy of threat. This variable, which is of importance not only in the selection of an original position but also in its maintenance or rejection, is that of social supports and relevant reference groups. It is not yet clear what the boundaries will be of the new conflict groups emerging in American society.

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