Examples of Expository Essays


Examples of Expository Essays

Examples of expository essays should be used as samples of essay writing together with this one:  You are not recommended to copy/paste any information (even though you may) because your teacher can find the source of information within seconds with the help of plagiarism detecting software. Thus, read the examples of expository essays, generate ideas and write your own expository essay masterpieces!  If you need help with writing, you may use our writing services.  We can definitely write a custom essay on any topic.

Example of Expository Essays

Religious truth cannot be discovered by philosophy or taught by tradition. It can be found only by that direct vision of spiritual reality which is the prophetic experience. "A man who has not this experience cannot know what it is like and can hardly conceive of its possibility, just as a man who has been born blind cannot understand what is meant by color.

"It is impossible to believe in prophecy without admitting the existence of this spiritual intuition. For to believe in the prophet is to admit that there is above reason a sphere in which there are revealed to the inner vision truths beyond the grasp of reason, just as things are seen are not apprehended by the sense of hearing nor things understood by that of touch." Any other view reduces the prophet to the level of a wise man who is the instructor of men and thus turns religion into philosophy.

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Thus the true spiritual knowledge which is the science of the saints is derived from the light of the lamp of prophecy. "And other than the light of prophecy there is none on the face of the earth from which illumination may be sought." At every period and under every dispensation such illuminated men have existed. "God does not deprive this world of them, for they are its sustainers and they draw down to it the blessings of heaven, according to the tradition; 'it is by them that you obtain rain, it is by them that you receive your subsistence.'"

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Whatever of spiritual truth is to be found in human philosophy and in human religions is derived from this source, alloyed and corrupted by the vain tradition and reasonings of men. But the man who leaves human reasoning and follows the way of the saints by cleansing the mind from all that is not God and advancing in prayer and spiritual perfection comes at last to that supreme intuition of divine reality which cannot be defined in logical terms or described in words, but of which we can only say with the poet "And there happened what happened to that which I mention not; So think of a good thing and ask not concerning the Good."

"He who has not been granted actual experience of anything of this can know the essence of prophecy only the name. For the wonders of the saints are in reality the beginnings of prophets."

Expository Essays: Custom Writing

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