Example of Baby Thesis Research Paper


Example of Baby Thesis Research Paper

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Example of Baby Thesis Research Paper: Family Relationships

While the general question of family relationships will be considered later, there are a few matters pertaining to infancy that may well be considered here. The entrance of a baby into a family is bound to make a great many differences in routine and to bring about many changes. Dr. Sherbon, refers to a study made on the amount of time required for the care of children under one year of age. The average daily time spent in the care of these babies was five hours and twenty minutes. Where all this care is provided by the mother alone, it is small wonder that she may find herself with little time left for other members of the family. All too frequently, in the case of first babies particularly, this sudden shift of interest on the part of the wife is something of a puzzle to the husband.

Often it is hard for him to understand the actual physical weariness that attends the bathing, laundry work, bottle sterilizing, preparation of formulae, and other details. The wife, on the other hand, is equally surprised and disappointed that her husband seems none too enthusiastic over the gain of an ounce in weight or the details of formula preparation. Strained relations between husband and wife may result. The wife is too tired to attend to her own personal appearance. The husband cannot be bothered with all the details of baby care; he knows nothing about it and may even be more or less afraid of it. In fact, many husbands really feel and show little affection for young babies. This does not necessarily mean that these same men may not make devoted fathers when their offspring have matured enough to be handled, played with, or showed off. From the standpoint of family mental hygiene, it is most important that the baby be made to take his proper place in the household regimen, neither demanding nor receiving too much attention. The mother, for her part, must not be selfish in her interest in the new baby, thereby neglecting other equally important family relationships. The husband, for his part, can often do much to relieve the wife of some of the extra duties imposed upon her by the coming of the baby and will, as a rule, develop thereby a tender affection for the baby. Otherwise, he may not experience this affection until the baby grows older.