Example MLA Research Paper


Example MLA Research Paper

MLA format is the most detailed form of research paper writing.  Firstly, you must create a properly formatted cover page including the title of the paper, your name, course, date, and instructor’s name.  Secondly, you must write an outline highlighting all points you are going to explore. Thirdly, you must check the referencing style you are using, both in-text quotations and reference list.  The following sample is written here to show you the example of the properly formatted paragraph.  According to the MLA requirements, paragraphs should include 7-10 sentences on average and be devoted to the single topic.  If the example is not sufficient, look through our free essay blog for more samples.  If you need individual help with writing, you may order custom research papers writing service at our site. Our writers are educated and fully aware of all specifics of academic paper writing.

Example MLA Research Paper

One of the most interesting developments at the moment is the keen competition between wood and cotton as a source of raw material. The producers of cotton seem to have assumed that no other source of cellulose could compete with the cotton fiber, but that has not proved to be the case. Perhaps a realization that substantial improvements in fiber from wood were necessary if it were to compete with cotton has been one urge for research in the field. But the result is that alpha-cellulose from wood, besides being much cheaper, is now preferred for some uses, and unless something can be done to improve the cellulose available from cotton linters, so that it holds its place in quality while at the same time becoming less costly, that source is likely to suffer materially through de. creased demand. Many efforts have been made and continue to be made to use cellulose from cornstalks, from sugarcane, and elsewhere, but costs of collection and processing, the fact that. annual crops must be gathered and stored, and the advantage of cellulose concentration in wood, make it difficult for these other plants to compete.

One method of attack is that proposed by Frank K. Cameron, of the University of North Carolina, who proposes that cotton be grown thick in the field, forcing the largest possible number of bolls to mature at the same time, and then treat the whole crop as one might harvest hay. After drying and powdering, chemical treatments would first extract the oil and then convert the cotton fiber and the cellulose of the cotton plant into alpha-cellulose, which is desired by the cellulose industry. Should this proposal prove to be practicable, its social implications might be of great moment because of its direct effect upon the cotton farmer and the cotton picker.

A good example of how developments in one field affect others is to be found in paper containers for fluids and liquids. This is a problem of long standing but only in the last year or two has the result been widely felt. Now oil, milk, and the like are offered in paper containers designed for onetime use. The potential market for such containers is such as to raise the question of adequate supplies of paraffin which would be required, while the competition with glass has already given rise to some peculiar situations. Thanks to the perfection of mechanical glassblowing, milk bottles have reached a very economic production cost. But there are other factors in the use of the milk bottle. For example, the used bottles must be gathered and cleansed for reuse.

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The above sample is an excerpt of a well-written scientific research paper.  If you need more sample, check our free paper blog. If you seek individual assistance with writing, try our professional research paper service.