Essays on Altering Environment


Essays on Altering Environment

The following essay talks about evolution. While it is only slightly related to the topic of the essay on the alternating environment, you will definitely find some interesting points to start your own research. If this sample is not what you need, feel free to use our writing services to get your paper written especially for you in accordance with your specific requirements and instructions. Our custom essay writing services are affordable!

A fundamental recurrent pattern of phyletic evolution must clearly be the statistical transformation of populations. Enough has been said about this for present purposes. It may well be that the statistical model is applicable to the very earliest stage of the evolutionary process, as well as to subsequent ones. Wright has suggested that the first populations of autocatalytic, nucleo-protein molecules or protogenes, were governed by factors which the model represents. Quite apart from this suggestion, there is little doubt that the statistical pattern has been exemplified on an immense number of occasions in evolutionary history.Other recurrent patterns of phyletic evolution are connected with the fact that it requires the maintenance of ancestral and descendant populations of adaptation to the environment. We advise you to contact the intelligent essay writers from our service to get the detailed essay on this topic. Among the numerous items here we may single out the following as of special interest. In an environment which remains relatively stable for a long time, organisms may undergo little or no change because their existing adaptation is adequate. The 'tempo' of their evolution is slow or 'bradytelic'. A limiting case is provided by the so-called 'arrested evolution' of some organisms (e.g. Latimcria, Lingula, etc) which have remained virtually unaltered for millions of years.

At the other end of the scale is the pattern of short range, rapid evolution associated with the maintenance of adaptation to drastic environmental changes (e.g. the climatic revolution at the end of the Cretaceous Period), or with the wholesale shift of a group of organisms from an ancestral adaptive zone to a new one which happens to become available. This somewhat rare process has been called 'tachytelic' or 'quantum' evolution. By means of it, a group moves en masse from one zone to the other with maximum speed, leaving behind few transitional forms.

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Intermediate between these two extremes is the most typical pattern of phyletic evolution, viz. long range, the cumulative change in a group of organisms. This may be due to the maintaining of adequate adaptation to a slowly altering environment, or it may be due to the perfecting of adaptation to a relatively stable environment (i.e. to increasing specialization). There may also be cases where such long-range changes are non-adaptive, or where it is difficult to show their adaptive significance. The chief form in which this recurrent pattern manifests itself is that of evolutionary trends. A trend is a prolonged series of changes of the same sort in an observable character (or characters) of a group of organisms (e.g. an increase of average bodily size or of the height of teeth).

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