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Another way of changing the forms of living creatures, which could give us some explanation of how new species came to swell the number of those already in existence, is a mutation or sudden variation. From time immemorial; practical botanists, zoologists and naturalists have been aware of what Darwin eventually labeled "sports." Waagen in 1849 suggested the name "mutation," and K?lliker in 1864 and Dall in 1867 made certain researches in this direction. It was not however until 1901 that de Vries gave an exact description and noted the great significance of this phenomenon. He describes the case of the Oenothera Lamarckiana which produces monster shrubs Oenothera gigas, apparently spontaneously and without any valid reason, alongside normal plants. There are also other types recognizable from the shape of their leaves, and others from different characters. The mutated form can be transmitted through inheritance.

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At first, it was thought, on the basis of de Vries's discovery, that mutation was the exception rather than the rule and that at a particular moment a form might arise different from the specific, but this only occasionally. It was seen later that Oenothera is by no means a unique case, quite the contrary. Thus de Vries writes: "Species are not continuous, they exhibit sudden changes and leaps, to new types representing a species distinct from the one whence they proceed. Such new species appear without warning and without any intermediate transition stage."

After the discovery of mutations, it was possible to prove that the matter was not one of exceptional fact. It is indeed a normal and very frequent process of modification. In Drosophila alone, between two and a half million fruit-flies studied by Morgan and his co-workers, practically a thousand forms of mutation were counted. It is understandable then that as fresh characters are transmitted by inheritance, a mutation may well constitute a starting-point for variations of species perhaps of considerable importance. Such variations will sometimes be temporary, sometimes permanent.

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The main interest in mutations rests in the fact that it has been possible to establish the relation thereof with modifications in the chromosomes or genes. In this way, the study of mutations has been of inestimable value in the field of genetics, leading for instance to a knowledge of the multiple alleles which is of far-reaching importance in human pathology, and to the experimental production of artificial mutates. These experimental cases which at first were thought to be always spontaneous in origin and without appreciable cause can nowadays be directed in such a manner as to produce fresh forms of species.

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