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The industry is the largest single immediate user of water today in the United States (irrigation being a greater ultimate consumer), as it is in most countries where industrial and urban ways of life prevail, and its consumption of water is increasing at a rapid rate. A relatively few industries, mainly of the heavy or producer-goods type, are the major users. A recent survey of some 3,343 industrial concerns indicated that only 5 percent of this number was using some 75 percent of the water consumed by the total group. Among the heavy users are the industries that require large quantities for cooling--for example, the petroleum refining, petrochemical, and metal processing industries. Atomic energy plants and plants for hydrogenating coal, both of which are likely to be important newcomers to the industrial scene, will be particularly thirsty members of this group. Another group consists of the heavy industries that require large quantities of water for washing or for removal of wastes, such as the paper and pulp industries, the mineral beneficiating plants, the tanneries, and a wide variety of chemical industries. The rapid growth of steam-electric plants has placed this industry at the top of the list of water consumers, and the new high-pressure boilers used in such plants require water with an unusually low content of dissolved solids. The processing of foods and beverages also requires relatively large quantities of Grade A water.

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The problem of mounting industrial demands has thus far been met primarily by regarding such uses of water as temporary bypasses in the water cycle and by ensuring that the water is returned to runoff for further use following treatment. The proportion of water vaporized in industrial processes is small, even in heat-transfer mechanisms. With mounting water costs, it soon may become more economical for industry to reuse water that it has treated through aeration, cooling, and purification than to purchase fresh supplies. Local and state regulations prohibiting the pollution of streams also have aided in extending the development of industrial water reuse.

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The geography of industrial water use today is largely related to the location of the heavy users. Within the United States, one of the most critical industrial water-shortage areas lies in Texas and in parts of Oklahoma, where the use of water in the petrochemical industries and in refining not only has actively competed with irrigation and municipal use but also has lowered ground-water reservoirs to dangerous levels. Fortunately for the United States, the major heavy industries in the country lie adjacent to some of the greatest and best sources of water supply in the world, namely, the Great Lakes and the Mississippi-Ohio River system.

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