Essay on health is wealth


Essay on health is wealth

In a society that worships wealth-health often suffers-yet it is not possible to be productive if you are an unhealthy person. An essay on health is wealth should start by taking a firm stand with a statement like-“In my opinion health is more important than wealth because a wealthy person may not be able to enjoy all the things that they can afford.”

An essay on health is wealth should go on to point out that- while it is true to say that a wealthy person can enjoy all the pleasures of life, poor health can act as an obstacle to the actual enjoyment of these pleasures. A diabetic or heart patient for instance may not be able to savor all the gastronomic delights served by expensive restaurants.

It is important for a wealthy person to make healthy lifestyle choices such as:

  • Eating nourishing food and drinking plenty of water
  • Taking plenty of exercise
  • Thinking positively
  • Building the immune system with fresh air and sunshine

Too much wealth on the other hand can lead to poor health since a wealthy person is most likely to indulge in rich food and the avoidance of activity due to plush cars and an over indulgence in drink and other pleasures.

An essay on health is wealth would do well to point out how most people sacrifice their health on the altar of wealth, by working night and day in offices that leave them tense and unfulfilled. As a result there is hardly any time to workout in the gym or to cultivate a proper social support system. The urge to ‘keep up with the Jones’s’ results in a rat race in which every one is a looser health wise- as they more often than not, end up with hypertension and other ailments.

An essay on health is wealth can validate itself with words from the Bible that state-“It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle; then it is for a wealthy man to reach heaven.” This is because it often becomes necessary to act ruthlessly and dishonestly in order to make money. Wealth results in the glorification of the ego rather then glorification of God.

These are some of the important points that can be brought out in an essay on health is wealth.