English Poetry Analysis


English Poetry Analysis: Decoding the Message

Making of English poetry analysis is rather a difficult task. You should be very attentive when doing it, therefore, our custom papers writing website decided to give you a few tips. 

Poetry is the separate world of emotions. Excitement, embarrassment, admiration, disappointment, offense… What a great variety of different feelings poems can reveal! So, if you have got an assignment to make English poetry analysis, you will have to do a great deal of work. Your task will be to explain what a poet was going to say by writing his/her poem. Other words, you will have to decode his/her message.

How to make good English poetry analysis?

In what way is English poetry analysis written? As a rule, you have to analyze one poem of any English poet. If you are free in choosing a poem for your English poetry analysis, your task becomes easier. You may choose any poem you want, for example, one of your favorite poet that you have already known. In the case you have to analyze a certain poem of a certain English poet it will be more difficult. But any way you should try to make your analysis!

So, you have a poem to analyze. What should you do?

  1. First and foremost, you should read it for several times. Pay attention: you should read it even if you know it by heart. Who knows, maybe, you will notice some new details, new ideas may occur to you.
  2. Try to define the main idea of the author after reading the poem. You are welcome to use this essay on poems of Thomas Hardy as an example.
  3. Define what stylistic devices (metaphors, metonymy, irony, epithets, oxymoron, hyperbole and others) are used in the poem and what the purpose of their usage is. Analyze rhythm, rhyme.

When making your English poetry analysis pay attention to the following:

  • Study some information about the poet and the situation in which the poem was written. That will help you understand the author’s thoughts and feelings while writing the poem.
  • You may read some critical works on the poem. It will be helpful for you as well. You may also refer to the proficient poetry analysis writers anytime to make this assignment easier. 
  • When making your English poetry analysis point out the main idea you would like to focus on. That will create some frameworks for your study.

Writing English poetry analysis

Another important task is for you to present your English poetry analysis in the written form. Remember that it should have the logical structure. For that purpose divide your work into several parts. Your analysis may consist of 3 main parts:

  • An introduction that will give your reader the general information about the poem under analysis (its title, the author’s name, the date of writing and the general contents:;
  • Main body that will contain your analysis;
  • A conclusion that should summarize your analysis.

So, keeping in mind this information will help you cope with your English poetry analysis.

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