English Essay on Patriotism


English Essay on Patriotism

Easy definition of patriotism is a loyalty to a country. Thus, in the opinion of custom essays writing company, a patriot is a person who loves his country. A more expanded definition of patriotism goes back to the Greek times when patriotism was defined as fatherland. Thus, love for the homeland, patriotism, is revealed in the psychological or emotional attachment of the person to his country. Today, most people agree that patriotism includes the service to the country in addition to love.

If you have to write an English essay on patriotism, you will definitely find this article helpful. The following English essay tips will assist you in writing your essay on patriotism.

English Essay on Patriotism Writing Tips

The first thing you should keep in mind while writing an English essay is a well-defined topic. Firstly, you need to decide on the specific topic for your writing. By the way, you may find more essay topic ideas on our site. For example, you may choose to develop an argument on one of the following topics:

  • Patriotism and Declaration of Independence. You may explore the roots of the American patriotism by looking at the history of American independence. In particular, the Declaration of Independence was drafted by Thomas Jefferson in 1776. It is one of the most cherished symbols of the American freedom and democracy.
  • Patriotism and National Flags. In your English essay on patriotism, you may explore the symbolic meaning of the national element such as a flag, for example, or an anthem. Don't hesitate to ask the proficient college essay writers to create a paper for you.
  • American patriotism and the colonial times. Once again, this topic requires historical perspective on patriotism. You may look at the unity, heritage, culture, independence, respect, and many other issues relevant to patriotism.
  • Nationalism and patriotism. Is there a difference between patriotism and nationalism? If yes, what is it? 

English Essay Writing: Format Suggests

Any English essay writing should follow the specific format. The essential elements of English essay writing include:

  1. Introduction. The opening paragraph of the English essay should include a thesis statement presenting the key idea of your essay writing.
  2. Body paragraphs. The main part of your English essay should include supporting evidence: The special attention should be paid to the coherence of writing. In particular, you should pay special attention to transitions between paragraphs and the relevance of ideas you include. No ideas should fall out of the topic.
  3. Conclusion. The final part of the English essay on patriotism should present a good summary of the main point and the restatement of thesis.

Custom English Essay Writing

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