English Essay Format


English Essay Format

Below you will find a list of mistakes you should avoid while writing an English essay. We strongly recommend following these recommendations. Using these tips, English essay writers are empowered to improve their English essay writing skills for admission statement, compare and contrast paper, critical writing, and narrative paper style.

  • Tiresome introduction and lack of details. A good essay should include your arguments as well as illustrative examples. Without vivid examples, the well-structured essay is not interesting to read and you should not hope to get a good mark on it. Here is the example:
  • Verbosity. English essay writing is limited to a certain number of words, so English essay writers need to use required volume attentively. You should not fill your paper with irrelevant information just for the sake of volume. The same rule applies when you have many ideas and want to include a wealth of details - you should not exceed the set limit more than 10%. Too much or too little is not good!
  • Spoken language. Avoid the use of slang while writing an English essay. Pattern phrases, abbreviations of words, informal tone are not acceptable. The language used in essay writing must be serious and academic. Your paper will be read by your tutor, not a friend. Sometimes, you will be required to write an informal essay (story, narrative, or dialogue). The custom essay writing experts advise you to be very attentive to the instruction of your tutor!
  • Long phrases and sentences. Some students mistakenly think that long sentences are good for English essay format. This assumption is far from the truth. Long phrases and sentences are not the indications of your knowledge. Sometimes, short sentences can produce a greater effect. Read your English essay aloud - if you feel that you intercept breath, break the sentence into smaller ones. The trustful paper writing service recommends you assigning a specific letter to each paragraph: either 'S' (short) or 'M' (medium), or 'L' (long). 'S' for the paragraphs shorter than 25 words; 'M' for the paragraphs less than 100 words; 'L' for the paragraphs longer than 100 words. Good English essay should have the following format: MSMLMS, while the poor paper has the following format: SSSLLL.

English Essay Format Custom Writing

Do not overload English essay writing with words from encyclopedias. Improper use of such words distracts the attention of the reader and diminishes the importance of your English essay. While writing an essay, remember to keep English essay format. Placing an order at, you get well-written and properly formatted English essay. We guarantee high quality and the ability of our writers to meet your academic requirements. We know how to write the great English essay for you! Custom writing services relieve you of time pressure because we provide custom written essay free of plagiarism by the specified deadline!

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