Domestic Violence Research Papers


Domestic Violence Research Papers

Domestic violence is a serious social problem.  According to statistics, thousands of women and children throughout the world have to face domestic violence on daily basis. Writing a research paper on domestic violence, you should narrow your topic to the specific issue.  For example, you may write about the causes of domestic violence or explore the effects of domestic violence on children.  The list of possible topics is long.  Below is the short except from the research paper written about domestic violence.  Read it to gain some ideas about the topic.  If you need specific guidance on research paper writing, read our free blog.  There are many useful and working tips on research paper writing.  If you need individual help, try our custom research papers help. Using our services, you get individual assistance of our professional tutor who helps you with your research paper writing from scratch.

Domestic Violence Research Papers SAMPLE

The protection clause, at least as to "domestic violence," left the decision to call in federal force up to state officials. This was not true of the guarantee clause. If the decision to intervene was left to the power that was to do the intervening, the federal government could ultimately define republican government, determine when state government lapsed from its standard, and decide upon a means of restoration. Another important feature of the guarantee clause, obvious from the Philadelphia debates, was that it ensured dynamic, not static, government. Earlier versions of the clause, guaranteeing the "territory," the "constitutions," and the "laws" of the states were all rejected. Only the "form of government" was assured. Thus was the need for orderly change secured.

Responsibility for enforcing the clause was not limited to any one branch of the government, so that federal courts, as well as Congress and the President, in the future might implement it. Admittedly, the delegates to the Philadelphia and ratifying conventions did not make this explicit; no one specifically claimed that the courts could exercise this power. From what we can infer from the debates, the delegates do not seem to have given the question any thought, but they in no way denied such a power. With only one inconclusive exception, no delegate at Philadelphia ever implied that the guarantee clause was the responsibility of Congress alone or that the courts should not participate. The exception was Edmund Randolph. In his September 10 speech outlining his objections to the Constitution in its final form, he implied that enforcement authority for the domestic violence clause (not the guarantee clause) rested with "the General Legislature." The other delegates, when speaking of the guarantee clause's enforcement authority, used the terms "the General Government" or "the United States."

The phrasing of the clause and its context and location support the conclusion that it might be enforced by all branches of the government. It appears in Article IV, a catchall article of provisions relating to relations between the states inter se and between the states and the Union, rather than in Article I, which dealt with the powers of Congress and with limitations on federal and state authority, or Article II, which dealt with the powers of the President, or Article III, which dealt with the powers of the federal courts. Further, the delegates chose the term "the United States," rather than "Congress" or "the President" as the agent for enforcing the clause. This may not wholly remove the ambiguity, but it does suggest a nonrestrictive responsibility resting on all three branches of the government for implementing the clause.

Domestic Violence Research Papers: CUSTOM WRITING

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