Definition Essay


Definition Essay: The Main Purposes

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Definition essay writing as any type of academic essay writing such as argumentative essay writing, critical essay writing, etc., is a student research work.

  • The purpose of definition essay writing is to define a word, concept or term.
  • Your definition must be profound with the personal commentary on the word, concept or term.
  • As the background information for the college essay writing, you may present definition of the word from the encyclopedia or outstanding people explanation.
  • It will be interesting for the essay reader to know generally accepted formulation of the word about which most people agree. Most people agree on what books, animals, schools, flowers are in general. All they have definite physical properties, with which the most people can agree. But, there are abstract terms, such as hate, patient, and disappointment, etc., that have different meanings for various people. In such a case writing English essays, our professional academic writing service advises you to describe feelings, not the physical senses as these words are notions. Writing an essay, you need to illustrate how people behave, in what situation, why, etc. Remember, that these notions you may only illustrate writing academic essays.

Definition essay topics

Choosing definition essay topic, remember your possibility to disclose the word, concept or term.

If you have no idea what is “globalization” probably it is better to choose another word for definition.

Select topic carefully as such essay is personal in nature. Try to select subject, term or notion that you know well enough and you will be able to provide specific and interesting examples to illustrate your definition.

Definition essay topic must not be too narrow or too broad. When the topic is chosen, outline your definition essay carefully before writing. An outline helps you to realize what points you want to cover and give you an idea where you need evidence and examples.

Definition Essays Parts

1.      Writing Introduction, you need to grasp reader’s attention. Here you may present dictionary or traditional point of view on the term or object that provides a basis for your further commentary. Your thesis statement gives the essays reader an idea how you define the word. Check this guide:

2.      Essay Body includes background information on the term. Here you have to present various parts of your definition of the word, example to illustrate your ideas and explanation of how the example supports the idea. The quantity of the points depends on the essay size.

3.      Conclusion. Summarize your definition’s main ideas, which emphasize your thesis statement.

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