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Custom School Essay

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School Essays Napoleon

Life of Napoleon Bonaparte is one of the popular school essay topics. We would like to draw your attention to the following extract from a professionally written custom essay on the topic “Napoleon: The World-Ruler”

…Napoleon had the most brilliant opportunity to make France the chief World-Power; for the French race was then at the height of its faculties and prestige, while other peoples were inert or badly organized. Even so, he failed. His failure resulted ultimately from defects of character. "Character is destiny," said Novalis; and the career of Napoleon proves the truth of the saying. In his early years, the great man generally kept his impetuous nature under the control of reason. But, either because long years of overwork dulled his foresight, or from some physical cause hard to specify, or from the pride that grows with triumph, he gave the rein to his forceful impulses in and after 1807, with the results that we have seen. The passion for the grandiose became his besetting sin. He neglected favorable opportunities of coming to terms with the least bitter of his foes. He hoped by force and ability to shiver their Coalition, and his blows only hardened it. For the1814 the Allies had cause to distrust his word, and their experience in the two previous years bade them a war to the death against a man who clung to the void a million of men in the vain attempt to control all Europe…

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