Critical Analysis of Research


Critical Analysis of Research: Analyzing of Investigation

The specialists who work for custom writing company know that while studying you have often to make a critical analysis of a work. It may be not only a literary work or a movie but also some research. It may be a critical analysis of an article written in a certain discipline or a research paper. One should stress that analyzing of research has some distinctive features and is a more difficult task.

Conducting critical analysis of research

If you are going to make the critical analysis of research, it will not be enough for you to know the contents of the work and point out the main idea of the author. Our custom critical essay writers advise you to be aware of the issue concerned in order to be able to discuss it in your analysis.

What should you keep in mind when making your critical analysis of research?

  • Before getting down to acquainting with the research work you are going to analyze you should get some idea about the issue it focuses on. Study some information on the subject. Try to understand the matter points. Your knowledge will help you in evaluating the research work and defining its strong and weak points.
  • Read the work carefully paying attention to the main aspects of research. Making notes will help you put details that may be of great importance.
  • Point out the main issue that you would like to pay special attention to. That will put your critical analysis of research into some direction. Form this issue as a thesis statement. It should be clear and understandable for your readers as the purpose of the thesis statement is to present them what your critical analysis paper deals with.
  • Make an outline ( for your analysis stating the matter points of your discussion. That will help you create a logically built analysis paper.

Critical analysis of research: structure of an analysis paper

As a rule, the critical analysis of research is presented in the form of an essay. It should include the following constituent parts:

  1. The title that should indicate the subject of your analysis clearly.
  2. The introduction that
  • firstly, our the expert from our custom writing company advises you to acquaint your readers with the work you are going to discuss (it should contain the title of the work under analysis, the author’s name, the publication data and the general information about the contents) and
  • secondly, introduce your readers the thesis statement and the main points of your analysis.
  1. The main body that contains your analysis – your thoughts, assessment, and suggestions.
  2. The conclusion summarizing your analysis. You should state the main points illustrating the conclusions you made while analyzing the research work.

So, that is the general information about making of critical analysis of articles, research papers and other research works that you should keep in mind.

If you have any difficulties with your critical analysis of research, do not hesitate to address our writing experts for help!

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