Critical Analysis of Literature


Critical Analysis of Literature: Complex Task with Diversified Aims

To explain the reader what an author was going to express by writing a literary work... This purpose is considered to be the main one in making critical analysis of literature. However, one should notice that this task pursues also other aims. It may give you great experience not only in analyzing.

  • First and foremost, the critical analysis of literature is called to teach you to see deep and even hidden sense of a literary work. You are supposed to be able to discern an author’s intentions, understand his/her main ideas.
  • When discerning those intentions you find out in what way they are expressed. That may be different language tools, images, symbols, the writing tone and so on. Pointing out such ways of expressing of thoughts and feelings you study to make use of them as well. That enlarges your outlook and enriches your vocabulary.
  • When making your critical analysis of literature you study not to consider a literary work as a separate and independent unit but look at it in the context of the history, the social life and some other aspects. You should not forget that any work of literature appears in response to some changes whether in the internal world of an author or the external world.

As the critical analysis of literature has so diversified objectives it become obvious that it may be rather challenging and require much efforts.

What should you take into account when writing critical analysis of literature?

If you have got an assignment to make the critical analysis of literature, you should keep in mind the following:

  1. Before analyzing any literary work you should read it carefully paying attention to any details. Frankly speaking any of them may be the key one in the work.
  2. Making notes will help you in studying the work. You may put down any information that you consider to be important. You may use it in writing of your critical analysis paper.
  3. After getting the general idea about the work and the issues highlighted in it make a thesis statement for your analysis. It should represent the main idea that your analysis will be based on.
  4. Do not forget to make an outline that will state the main points your analysis will discuss.

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Pay attention that any literary work requires certain approaches for analyzing it. That concerns, first of all, critical analysis of poetry. For example, you should be very careful when discussing stylistic devices used in a poem. So, critical analysis of poems may be considered as a separate issue of the critical analysis of literature.

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