Critical Analysis Book


Critical Analysis Book: The Bestseller

‘Tell me what you read and I will tell you what you are,’ W. Goethe once said. In the life of many scientists (and not only scientists) there comes a point, when they want to classify and publish everything they have reached and discover for long years of work. Some of them write their autobiography, some – memoirs, and some – a critical analysis book. The article is devoted to the theme of critical analysis books.

The critical analysis book is a book, containing the critical analysis, regardless of the genre and style. The critical analysis of the object, process, or event is the central element of the critical analysis book. Such book is written when the author can not include all the information he gathered in the format of an article, an essay, a report, a paper, and etc.

Get Examples of How to Write Successful Critical Analysis Book

The most vivid example of the critical analysis book is the work by Douglas R. Hofstadter ‘Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid’. In this book the author discusses common features of work and inventions of the logician Kurt Gödel, artist M. C. Escher and composer Johann Sebastian Bach. The American scientists discusses the paradoxes of space and time, finds the parallels between Escher’s pictures, Bach’s music and such divers disciplines as physics, mathematics, logic, biology, neurophysiology, psychology and zen Buddhism.

3 Tips on Writing Successful Critical Analysis Book

  • Mind mapping. This technique of is very advantageous for writing books, since a huge amount of information is really hard to keep in mind. Writing your main thoughts and ideas in the mind map will give you the clear picture of what are you going to write about.
  • Audience. Identify your audience, i.e. those people who will be reading your critical analysis book. On this basis define the style and language, so that the audience could understand it and find the critical analysis book interesting.
  • Deadline. Some authors write a single book for a lifetime. Setting up the deadline will encourage you to work on the critical analysis book regularly and effectively.

In virtue of the abovementioned recommendations you will learn to write the critical analysis book faster and better. If the critical analysis book you wrote becomes famous, try to cope with your pride. But since the experience is the best teacher, do not get upset if your book is not successful. Be certain that your second critical analysis book will definitely become a bestseller!