Child Labor Essay


Child Labor Essay

Child labor is one of the most important human rights issues of today. Your child labor essay should showcase your views on the subject as well as show that you are conversant with some of the data and concepts that are related to the burning question of child labor. Here is some handy guidance for writing an exceptional child labor essay. If you want to get a well-written essay, you may try our writing service online! We offer custom writing services services and write original essays from scratch!

What is a Child Labor?

  • A really good child labor essay should start with a definition of child labor as well as some of its causes. Child labor has been defined by the Webster's Dictionary as both physical and mental work that is exhausting and demanding for 5 to 15 year olds who end up paying a heavy toll physically, emotionally as well as intellectually.
  • Child labor is more pronounced in third world countries and is difficult to eradicate due to poverty. In such a scenario a child is not looked on so much as another mouth to feed as another bread winner for the family.
  • Indicate that over 90 percent of child employment can be traced down to Africa and India. According to the ‘The International Labor organization’ as many as two hundred and fifty million children between five and fourteen years of age are employed in child labor. Most of these cases are rampant in rural areas where there is an appalling shortage of schools-especially for the girl child.
  • One of the saddest parts of child labor that should be highlighted in your child labor essay is that it denies a child the basic right to education and self respect.
  • Your child labor essay should also point out that such children are made to work in dangerous conditions. What is worse these children are further exploited through lower wages and are often treated with cruelty and contempt.

Media Highlights

Your child labor essay should show that you are well aware of contemporary child labor issues such as the recent discovery of a young servant girl who was lured to the city with the promise of education only to be exploited and thrashed to an inch of her life for eating a sweet from the owner’s fridge.

Use Statistics

 Your child labor essay should make use of statistical data to give it a persuasive edge. Highlight facts like:

  • 61% of children from 4 to 15 are working in Asia
  • 32%  in Africa
  • 7% in Latin America.
  • 15-20% of these work free of cost

Try to conclude your child labor essay by offering some possible solutions for it. You may find it interesting to read a relevant article on argumentative essay on media violence and children writing!