Character Analysis Essays


Character Analysis Essays: Quick Guide Of Essay Writing

The purpose of character analysis essay is not only to demonstrate that you have read the assigned story or novel, but also to enhance your knowledge and awareness of the psychological factors. This, in turn, can lead you to the analysis of your own attitudes and behaviors in similar circumstances and help you to recognize who or what influences the future choices you will make in different areas of your life.

Character Analysis Essay: Instructions

  • Select a character that interests you. The opening paragraph of your essay should introduce who the character is, briefly explains what his role is in the story and why you have chosen to analyze this character.
  • Define your chosen character in terms of whether he is the protagonist (hero), antagonist (villain), supporting player or a catalyst. A catalyst character mostly does not participates directly in the events, but instead fulfills the role of inspiring the main character to take up a cause or case otherwise not have pursued.
  • Make a list of your character's positive traits as well as the weaknesses that he must overcome through the story. Remember that heroes are never 100 percent good nor are villains 100 percent bad.
  • Identify your character’s core quest. The quest is what comprises the conflict, creates and influence the action between your main character and his opponents and drives the action forward. Quests can be based on combination of reward, revenge, escape. Explain why this quest is so important to your character.
  • Pay sharp attention to the subtext of your character’s actions and what they really tell about him. Provide specific examples.

Do Not Forget To Mention Symbolism!

When writing a character analysis essay look for the symbolism of objects associated with the character and discuss why this objects are important. Describe the conflict's resolution in terms of the character's emotional or spiritual growth. Compare what you have learned about the character to your own personality profile in terms of what you admire, what you dislike and whether you would have followed the same course of action.

But keep in mind that the main purpose of your character analysis essays is not to rehash the entire plot of the story but to focus on the specific actions, reactions and personality traits of one of the players. Your focus should be more on why certain events occurred as opposed to wide explanation of what the events were.

Character Analysis Essay: Writing Help

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