Character Analysis Essay


Character Analysis Essay

Students often have difficulties starting to write a character analysis essay. They just do not know what to start writing with and how to develop their ides. It is also difficult for them to structure a character analysis essay. This article will help you break down your essay into component parts and quickly complete your first draft. While writing critical essays may appear challenging for you, our professional writers are able to impress you with the quality of essay service they deliver! We write essays from scratch and, if you want to get a well-written critical analysis essay, do not hesitate to order customized writing assistance at our site!

Writing a character analysis essay: Paragraph 1

  • What character are you going to discuss in your paper?
  • Why did you decide to analyze this very character?
  • What character features of the chosen figure do you like/dislike?
  • Do you know someone similar to this character? Explain.

Writing a character analysis essay: Paragraph 2

  • How does the author represent this character at the beginning of the book?
  • Give two specific examples that might help you describe this character. Include a direct quote to backup your position.
  • Explain how the examples you provided show what kind of character the chosen person is.

Writing a character analysis essay: Paragraph 3

  • Does the character change throughout the course of this novel? How?
  • Give at least two examples illustrating how the character changes in the novel (e.g. changes in his/her beliefs, actions, attitudes, worldviews, etc.). Provide direct quotations from the text.
  • Explain why this change is significant for the character.

Writing a character analysis essay: Paragraph 4

  • Describe the character in the final scenes of the novel.
  • By means of direct quotations from the text, describe how he or she changed.
  • Do you think that the change is for the better or for the worse?

Writing a character analysis essay: Paragraph 5

  • Try to predict what might happen to the character in the future. Take into consideration what has been revealed about him/her.
  • What lesson does the author gives to the reader through the illustration of this character?

These are the approximate questions for you to answer in your character analysis essay. Next you should care about is the structure of your paper. It should consist of the following parts:

  • Introduction – where your opening words should be presented. What is your essay going to be about?
  • Main Body – where you present the analysis of the character itself;
  • Conclusion – where you summarize what has been said above.

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