British Literature Essay


British Literature Essay: Literary Work about Other Literary Work!

British literature possesses a considerable place in the world literature. Its heritage includes thousands of poetic and prosaic masterpieces – from “Beowulf” and “The Canterbury Tales” of Geoffrey Chaucer to “Discworld” of Terry Pratchett and novels of David Mitchell.

So, if you have got the task to write a British literature essay, you may search in any direction. But it should be mentioned that writing of such an essay is quite difficult assignment. British literature essay is not a simple description of the contents of a certain literary work. While writing you should show your ability to analyze, discuss, criticize.

British literature essay: choosing a topic

It goes without saying that you must study the subject of your British literature essay properly. Thus, you should think over what you would like to write about. Your British literature essay topic must be interesting for you. The best way is to choose your favorite poem or prosaic work (some novel or story). In this case you will already know the contents of the literary work and form your attitude to it. So, a good essay topic is half done!

How to prepare for the writing of a British literature essay

Before writing any essay you should define the problem for studying, first of all. When you chose your British literature essay topic try to find the matter point in it and make some kind of statement that you are going to discuss in your essay.

When preparing for the writing you may find some interesting information concerning the work you write about in your essay. It may be some facts about the process of writing of this work or some information about life and creative work of the author.

You may also find some critical articles about this literary work or even its author. Such information will be very useful for you. Try to note some interesting quotations that you may use in your British literature essay. It concerns not only critical articles and works telling of the author’s biography but also the literary work you are writing about.

While reading it before writing (it is compulsory to do that even if it is your favorite work and you read it for several times!) make some notes, put down interesting expressions, important facts, your thoughts.

Final Advice

So, you chose the literary work, defined the problem to be discussed, studied the work, formed your opinion about it and now you may write your British literature essay.

If you pay attention to these tips and prepare properly, you can write any of various kinds of British literature essays.