Book Review Writing Service


Book Review Writing Service

Writing a book review it is a hard work that is divided into reading, thinking, understanding, analyzing and finally writing. Do not start book review with the reading of criticism, you will have time to read it later. You are expected to formulate your personal point of view about the book: what do you think about the conflict that is raised in the book? What is your opinion about the book as a whole? Once the main points are outlined, you may start writing a book review. Book review is not a list or summary of the main events of the book.  Book review writers must demonstrate their individual thinking as well. If you start reading criticism before writing book review, you may easily come under influence of the critical writers. The aim of book review writing is to uncover your personal opinion. Only after reading a book, when you have your own ideas, you may start analyzing secondary literature. Undoubtedly, you may present the points of view of others in your analysis; however, you should not base your own analysis on words of others. 

Book Review on “Pygmalion” B. Shaw

“Undoubtedly, “Pygmalion” is one the most popular play of B. Shaw. Here the author showed us the tragedy of the poor girl who got to know poverty, and suddenly appeared among high society, she became a true lady, fell in love with the man who helped her to rise to her feet, but she had to abandon all that because the pride awaked and she understood that the man whom she loved, rejected her.

I was very impressed by this novel, especially by the fate of the main heroine. The skills  of B. Shaw, in which he showed us the psychology of people, as well as all the vital problems of the society in which he lived, do not leave anyone indifferent.”

Book Review Service

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