Beowulf term paper


Beowulf term paper: Anglo-Saxon Classic.

If you were asked to write a Beowulf term paper and you want to write it successfully, surely the first thing to do is to meet the poem!

In your Beowulf term paper you need to give your reader some common information about the Old English epic poem “Beowulf”. This is a heroic poem that was written by an unknown writer between the 8th and the 11th centuries. The main plot lay in the legends of Beowulf's victory over the terrible monsters Grendel and his mother.. In your Beowulf term paper you must mention that this epic poem represents a rich contribution to Anglo-Saxon literature and consists of 3183 lines.

Beowulf term paper: The Main Character.

The next important part of your Beowulf term paper should be a brief analysis of the main hero.

For example, you may write that Beowulf was a brave warrior who became a hero because had overcame an awful monster Grendel, which had killed many innocent people. Monster’s mother wanted to take revenge for a killed son. Beowulf went to a cave where woman-demon lived in. He was going to kill her, but he could not do it, because the demon turned attractive woman. Beowulf returns home.

He has lied, that he had killed the demon. People celebrated the victory, but the king did not share their joy thinking hero lies. And he was right.

You may use this situation in your Beowulf term paper to describe your vision of Beowulf.

Beowulf term paper: Three Battles.

In your Beowulf term paper you may choose one episode, which you remember better than other and write your term paper on the basis of it. We suggest you three famous battles in the poem. If you like them, you may choose one and develop your term paper hand-in basis the Beowulf plot.

First battle: Grendel.

  • Beowulf, a young warrior, hears of Hrogar's troubles and leaves his homeland to rescue Hrogar.
  • Beowulf and his soldiers decided to spend night in Heorot. After they fall asleep, Grendel enters the hall and attacks. Finally, Beowulf put off Grendel’s arm from his body at the shoulder and Grendel runs to his home in the marshes to die.

Second battle: Grendel's mother.

  • Next night after celebrating Grendel's death, Hrogar and his soldiers were sleeping in Heorot. Grendel's mother appeared and attacked the hall. She kills Hrogar's most trusted warrior, Aschere, in revenge for Grendel's death.

Third battle: The dragon.

Beowulf killed the dragon with Wiggle’s help, but Beowulf died from the wounds he had received.

You may choose episode, and write Beowulf term paper. You can describe the events of one situation. Write your content and your own conclusions; try to refer the reader your emotions.

Beowulf term paper is interesting epic work. You should know your epic genre and proud of it.

Good luck in writing!