Article Critical Review


Article Critical Review

While writing article review, you should remember about the essential components of the essay writing: introduction, body, and conclusion. The function of the introduction ( is to present a topic, the analysis of the work; give preliminary, general information about the problem of the proposed topic, and state a thesis. The introduction must not contain information about the author and his works which is well-known to everybody. If the title has literary terms you should give their definitions in the opening section or in the appendix at the end of the paper.  Body text is the analysis of article from the standpoint of the given topic. The shortcomings of critical article review writing are a retelling of the article, summarizing, going away from the topic, and substituting topic with something irrelevant. If the very idea of article critical review is still vague, refer to our custom papers writing website that is always ready to help you! 

The main components of the critical article review are the following: understanding and interpretation of the content and the problems raised in the article; in-depth article analysis; a reflection of the author's positions, etc. Expression of your own view on the article and choice of arguments are integral parts of the main part of article review writing.  The purpose of article critical review conclusion writing is to summarize the main points once again drawing attention to the most important ones. The main requirement for conclusion writing: it must not be purely formal; college critical article review conclusion must be organically linked to the previous text.

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While writing a critical essay, you must remember that essay should be targeted on a specific topic. It must have a clear explanation of the main thoughts, subjects, and critical judgments.  The critical essay must have a thesis and necessary evidence. Without clear evidence, essay writing will not get a good grade. The main component of critical essay writing is your idea. It will be more convincing if the student writes about his/her points of view. Argumentation will clearly disclose the central idea of the critical essay, answer to the main question formulated in the title. Each principle and position that is put forward by the reliable critical essay writer should be backed up with references to artistic work, critical publications, historical sources. 

Critical essay writing must be logical. The depth and substance of article critical review depend on the well-compiled outline. Each new idea, proposed by the essay writer, must be the result of previous one and should flow naturally from it, be a logical continuation of the previous ideas.  The critical essay that is based on the clear outline is distinguished by the logical composition, proportionality of the parts, and the integrity of the presentation. Conclusions and summaries are naturally derived from the above. They are a logical consequence of discourse. Avoid deviations from the topic, sudden jumps in the conversion from one situation to another, from one part to another, unnecessary repetition, unnecessary return to the already told information etc.

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