Argumentative Research Paper


Argumentative Research Paper

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Argumentative Research Paper Sample

The economic ills resulting from low-grade fertilizers are not confined to the matter of fillers, but include distribution charges, since freight is charged against gross weight, not quality, and, therefore, increases progressively as plant-food content decreases. The same applies to sacking, warehousing, selling costs, and the tag-tax paid the respective States on the tonnage basis. There results, therefore, a dissipation of the farmer's purchasing power in various collateral charges with a corresponding loss to the industry whose business, after all, is the distribution of plant food. Fluctuations in sales volumes of the fertilizer industry tend to parallel those of farm income, showing clearly that the farmer buys plant food when income permits. This meager surplus, set aside for plant-food purchase, should accrue to the industry rather than being dissipated among the various disproportionate charges entered against the low-grade products.

The subject of chemistry in the fertilizer industry properly, should not be restricted to superphosphate manufacture, since, after all, that is only one part of the industry, nitrogen and potash rapidly acquiring positions of equal importance. We have already reviewed briefly the amazing transformations that have taken place recently within the nitrogen industry which, at least during periods of peace, finds its major purpose in the service of agriculture. Within this industry research is given full play and the new products resulting, it will be observed, reflect the present trend toward high analysis. Beginning with the familiar products, ammonium sulfate, sodium nitrate, and cyanamid, there have followed liquid ammonia, a highly concentrated plant food used for the neutralization of acid phosphate and in turn, for the same purpose, that product carrying in solution urea or ammonium nitrate. Now granular urea makes its appearance on the market.

Within the potash industry chemistry has registered marked progress both in the refining of the subterranean salts and in that much more complex problem of separating potassium salts from the highly complex natural brines. Merchantable byproducts of increasing number and value have not only resulted, but the potash itself has been of progressively increasing purity. Potassium chloride, the major salt employed in fertilizers, is now abundantly available at 98 percent purity. Saline combinations of two plant foods, such as potassium nitrate and ammonium phosphate are already familiar commodities, while within the laboratory there remain various others awaiting their commercial development. From such materials fertilizers of almost any desired concentration can now be prepared, and by contrast with the antiquated., iniquitous, and in some States outlawed mixtures containing only 14 percent plant food, large tonnages containing 40 percent and considerable tonnages of 60 percent mixtures are currently sold.

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