Argumentative Essays About Working Mothers


Argumentative Essays About Working Mothers

The writers' team from suggests that Sociology and Psychology are not among your favorites at school. Still, they can offer you a lot to think about and maybe the information you learn will one day become very useful. Well, if you are assigned to write an argumentative essay about working mothers, you are lucky because this topic is really interesting.

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Before you set to writing your own essay, look through some argumentative essays about working mothers which you can easily find on the Internet. Well, most of their authors present the idea, that it is not easy to combine career and family. Though we can find some examples, when a successful businesswoman is at the same time a perfect wife and a devoted mother, in most cases women have to sacrifice something. Many argumentative essays about working mothers say that there exists regularity, that if a woman starts building her career, her family feel it in the first place, and most of all children do. They feel lack of mother’s love and attention, though she usually tries to do her best for her children’s well-being. In some argumentative essays about working mothers, our personal study helper can read that kids may have an inferiority complex if they do not get enough of mother’s attention.

In many argumentative essays about working mothers you can come across the fact that choosing among work and family, many women resolve to devote themselves to their children completely and abandon work. But in some years not all of these women feel happy. After their children grow up and start going to school, they may subconsciously feel neglected. Moreover, it will be much more difficult to return to work, because as years go by a woman’s level of skills becomes worse. The experts from essays writing service are sure that lack of working practice prevents a woman from finding a good job.

Well, these problems can be solved in some ways. Many argumentative essays about working mothers say that the best idea for a mother of little children is to work part-time. It is really reasonable, because in such a case a woman can pay enough attention to the both spheres of life. In some argumentative essays about working mothers you can read that one more solution is to work from home. Of course, if a woman resolves to take one of these options, she cannot count on a bright career, still,l she can successfully combine work and family and live a harmonious kind of life.

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