APA Research Papers


APA Research Papers

APA research papers can be either qualitative or quantitative.  Type of the research paper may affect the style of presentation; however, you should follow the general requirements for the APA style writing and referencing. For example, you research paper should contain an abstract but you do not need to write an outline. Moreover, you should cite all sources both within the paper and at the end of it. If you need more information about specifics of referencing and formatting, visit our free research paper writing blog.  If you need help with writing, you should order custom research paper writing service provided at our site.  Our research paper writers will impress you with professionally written custom research paper!

APA Research Papers: Sample of BabyBoomers

The popular view of the baby boom is that people started moving to the suburbs and began having large families. Actually the proportion of couples with very large families continued to decline although the average size of families did increase. The average number of children had reached its low of 2.3 per woman for the cohort (group) of women born between 1906-1915. We still do not know how many children on the average the most prolific of the recent cohorts will have ultimately but a reasonable guess is 3.3 for the women born in the 1930's. This increase in average size, however, was brought about primarily by reductions in childlessness and "only child" families rather than a rise in large-size families. According to Norman Ryder, one of the leading analysts of American reproductive behavior: The predominant feature of the rise in American fertility was not the return of the moderately large family but rather an extraordinary increase in the proportion of women having at least a second birth. . .

This means a rise in the proportion of persons marrying as well. In recent years 85 percent of American women have been having at least two children compared to below 60 percent for women whose childbearing was concentrated during the 1930's.

Next in importance to this increase in the proportion of women with at least two children was the change in the timing of births. It obviously makes a difference for the measures of fertility described earlier if women have their children sooner or later, closer together or farther apart. One of the reasons for the baby boom was a marked trend toward earlier childbearing. Women were marrying at younger ages and having their children sooner and closer together. The result of this "borrowing against the future" when combined with the increased fertility of older women, many of whom were "making up" births postponed during the later years of the Depression or the war, was to inflate the fertility of the period in a somewhat distorted fashion. This does not mean that "real" changes in fertility were not occurring; as we have seen there was a marked increase in the proportion of American women who reached (at least) the two-child threshold. In addition, there was a shift upward within the two to four children range although this was of lesser significance for the baby boom than the rise in the proportion having two children and the shifts in the timing of births.

APA Research Papers: Custom Writing

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