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Animal Experimentation: Full Essay Sample

As the expert writing team from this service has noted, animal experimentation is outdated and unnecessary.  Medical advances, in fact, can replace animal labs science labs.  Animals were created before humans, from the Christian perspective; however, God has given people domain over his creatures.  Animals are used for testing, as many mistakenly assume, to find medication for diseases.  It is worth to remind that HIV positive chimpanzees do not acquire AIDS.  Testing on chimpanzees is therefore useless, is not it?  Moreover, the vast majority of antibiotics for people and animals are not interchangeable.  It means that medication developed in the result of animal experimentation can hardly be used for treating human diseases. The professional writers who can create an excellent custom essay for you decided to raise this topic today. 

Animals and humans are physically different, it is a scientific fact.  Everybody accepts the fact that earth is round, but why scientists reject the fact that medication developed during animal tests cannot be used for humans?  Primates, cats, rats, and dogs are the most “popular” animals for “scientific” experiments.  Most of the experiments are held without painkillers, while scientists are aware that animals feel pain.  A rabbit will even break his back while trying to escape when chemicals are poured into his eyes.  Primates, for example, start trembling during testing, just as humans when they are afraid or feel pain. Here is another good essay on animal testing:

It is morally and ethically wrong to conduct experiments on animals for the human benefits.  According to statistics, more than 3 million animals are tortured for the sake of research which does not bring any results (Judson, p. 22).  Only 5 percent of all side effects caused by medications can be predicted (Judson, p. 28).  If the chance is so low, why to continue animal experimentation if nothing is gained out of them?  Every day from every corner humans talk about their rights, people protest when they think their rights are taken away. The specialists from custom papers writing services are sure that it is hypocritical for the community who is almost obsessed with protecting its own rights to kill animals that also have rights. 

Recalling the case of rats, victims of cancer research in February 1993, it was reported that the research has brought no results (Singer, p. 90).  The only conclusion reached by scientists was that there was a huge difference between the damage of human and rodent repair genes from chemical and radiation (Singer, p. 103).  Millions of dollars were spent and hundreds of thousands of mice have been killed to each such a “progressive” conclusion!  Hundreds of animals die for the sake of medical research and nobody really cares about them.  If the same number of people would die at the same time, humanity would start panicking!  There are many alternatives to animal experimentation; however, scientists pursue animal testing.  Why?  Because animal experimentation is much cheaper! 

Great Britain is the global leader in a number of animal experiments conducted every year.  The year 2005 was marked with the death of approximately 3 million animals that died for the sake of science (Singer, p. 132).  It is obvious that even though the UK government has passed the law protecting animal rights; it did not reduce the number of experiments.  Most of the international corporations proudly put information on their products that it was tested on animals and therefore, is safe for humans.  Some of such companies are Clairol, Gillette, Johnson & Johnson, Colgate-Palmolive, Max Factor, Unilever, Bausch & Lomb, 3M, and Pfizer.  Products they sell can lead to allergies that cannot be predicted through animal experimentation. 

In conclusion, our well-trained custom essays writers want to say that animal experimentation is not justified by medical advances because it does not lead to medical advances.  On the contrary, most of the medications developed with the help of animal testing cannot be used for humans.  People and animals have different bodies and react differently to the same diseases and medications.  Moreover, animal experimentation is morally wrong because animals have the same rights as humans.   


Expletive rhetorical device, used to interrupt normal syntax and emphasize all words in the sentence

Allusion literary device, used to remind the reader about human and animal place in creation story

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