A Christmas Carol Essay


A Christmas Carol Essay

The main purpose of aChristmas Carol essay does not end by discussing the plot and the characters-it should also express the insight/lesson that you personally gained from the topic. Use the essay as a canvas on which you can paint your observations of human nature while objectively assessing the relationship you have with money and riches. Next ask yourself if these are more important to you than human relationships.

Setting and plot

Set like all of Dickens novels in 18th century Victorian England-most of Dickens’s novels use the narrative to zero in on human flaws and foibles during the Victorian era in particular and the world in general. In that sense Dickens deals with the universal theme of the love of fellow human beings for one another and the obstacles that materialize on the way.

The plot of the Christmas Carol essay revolves around the central character of Scrooge who overlooked the needs and feelings of those who surrounded him to concentrate his entire life on money-(and the more the better.) Through this central character Dickens is making a comment on the focus on wealth and its multiplication during the birth of industrialization and the growth of a capitalist society.

But the pursuit of wealth does not bring Scrooge happiness. He lives a life full of regrets as well as an afterlife in which he is doomed to walk the earth in chains while watching people who experience joy in its many forms. At the end of the day the book reminds us that ‘to give is to receive’ and if we tie our pockets too tight it is more than likely that fate will deal with us in a likewise fashion.

Your Christmas Carol essay can elaborate on the fact that during the Victorian era the focus lay more on money then on man. But at the end of the day it is man who makes money and not the other way around. Yet Dickens is not judgmental as he points out that our past experiences make us what we are. It was, after all Scrooge’s experience as a lonely boy during Christmas time that made him bite the head off a young lad singing carols. (This is also precisely why Scrooge hates to make donations of any kind.)

These are some of the aspects that can be covered in your Christmas Carol essay