Samples Part II

Below you will find short samples of custom written critical essay, analytical essay, English essay, argumentative essay, and persuasive essay. Custom written samples are provided for informational purposes only. However, we will be happy if the following samples help you to choose critical essay topic or generate some ideas for persuasive essay writing!

Custom written critical essay

Sample Critical essay on Smoking Ban
Summary: Critical essay answers the question whether Smoking Ban is reasonable. The recent legislation in UK and US are critically assessed and compared. The conclusion is made that Smoking Ban is reasonable because smokers violate the rights of non-smokers.

Custom written analytical essay

Sample Analytical essay on global warming
Summary: Analytical essay is focused on analysis of global warming causes and prevention. The writer analyzes the causes of global warming and provides analytical overview of the expert opinions as well as environmental impact of technological developments. The conclusion is made that global warming can be prevented if humans become more aware of their negative impact on environment.

Custom written English essay

Sample English essay narrative essay writing
Summary: English essay devoted to stressful situation. The author describes one of the most stressful situations in his life: the death of a relative. He writes about his emotions and help provided by friends and family members. English essay is concluded with the lesson learned from that stressful situation.

Custom written argumentative essay

Sample Argumentative essay on eating disorders
Summary: Eating disorders is highly debated topic today. The global community is struggling to change stereotyped concept of beauty which leads to development of severe easting disorders. This argumentative essay deals with weighting both sides of the argument: whether or not stereotyped concept of beauty has impact on eating disorders.

Custom written persuasive essay

Sample Persuasive essay on child cruelty
Summary: Sometimes children are very cruel towards other children and adults. This persuasive essay is written with the purpose to convince the reader that child cruelty is behaved. Evidence from numerous studies is used to support the assumption that children who experience cruelty of parents are more likely to become cruel compared to children raised in friendly families.

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