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Sample Coursework

“It has been more than 200 years since the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven, but his music lives and excites millions of people, as if it has been written by our contemporary.

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Anyone even slightly familiar with Beethoven will not be unable not to love this person, this heroic personality, not kneel before his life deed. Between high ideals that he was praising in creative work and his life there has not been the gap. The life of Beethoven is an example of courage struggle with obstacles, misfortunes that could be insurmountable for others. Through all his life, he was carrying the ideals of his youth – the ideals of liberty, equality, fraternity.

Creativity of Beethoven opens new, XIX century in music, his world view was influenced by the freedom-loving ideas of Great French Revolution, the echoes that was penetrated into many pieces the composer…”

This is an example of the coursework introduction about Ludwig van Beethoven. Writing a coursework about the historical personalities is relatively easy. However, you should just create a biography.  You should strive to describe the main stages of personality development, the main events that influenced the person. You may refer to and analyze childhood, youth, visit to Vein, an important 1975 year that brought him a great successes as compositor, the heroic years when he fight with the deafness, the meet of two genius -  Beethoven and Gette. Writing your coursework, you may describe disappointments and beliefs. Be attentive not to include irrelevant information and try to avoid fillers:  useless information included into coursework just for the sake of extra pages.  It turns your paper into trash.

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